Tip of the Week: Wiring Displays

Wiring in Displays - Understanding the NEC & CEC can also help protect LEDs.
By George Doll (Sign Business, July 2006)

Many folks, even within our industry, look at various lighting technologies and find vast differences. 

However, in many respects these light sources, per our codes, demand the exact same treatment regarding their wiring methods. In an earlier column we commenced tracing out our general branch circuit for any type of sign. We had put a lot of emphasis on the system’s ground and how grounded/grounding/bonding, besides being code, could prolong the lifespan and trouble-free operation of all our light systems, especially neon and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Therefore, holding consistent to that train of thought, this month we’ll pick up with the conductors just prior to the sign circuit’s disconnect and trace the route just past that first element in our sign and outline lighting system. 

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