Tip of the Week: Wrap Design Strategies

The Value of Wrap Design
The message is the top priority.
By Jim McClure (Sign & Digital Graphics, November, 2009)

Every good wrap estimate has a line item on it for design. What is your customer buying for this price? The answer, in most cases, is prospects.

Isn’t this what they are hiring us for, anyway? They want more prospects; they want their phone to ring, or more traffic to their Web site.

They are looking for more people to talk to about their products or services. This is truly what you should be selling your customer through your design services. It takes a special talent to not only deliver a vehicle that looks good, but one that is able to convey a precise message at 45 to 75 mph. Once a designer can prove their skills in this area, that line item can increase in value and the client will be happy to pay for it.

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