Idealliance announces its new board of directors

Todd Maute Elected Chairman of the Idealliance Board of Directors

The Alexandria, Virginia-based International Digital Enterprise Alliance, better known as Idealliance, announces the election of Todd Maute, a partner in CBX, as the chairman of its board of directors.

Maute is joined by six new board directors and two newly appointed officers of the board representing the global industry of printing, packaging, brands, brand design agencies, creatives, and OEMs served by Idealliance.

“Idealliance has an incredible legacy in the global industry, but our mentality is that of a start-up,” says Tim Baechle, the CEO of Idealliance. “Our work has transformed the industry we serve and continues to transform the industry, and our focus is immensely placed on the words ‘servant leadership.’ Our culture is our brand and globally our mission and purpose are to reach as many people as possible across this world for the purpose of furthering knowledge and prosperity of industry and individuals through the act of giving and sharing knowledge. As a global think tank and one of the foremost developers and contributors to ISO standards, specifications, and the leading certifying body in the industry, we work to be in the service of others. I am so humbled, grateful and honored to be in the service to the incredible individuals joining our board of directors, who selflessly give their time, for the purpose of furthering our great industry and especially future generations.”

Joining Maute as Idealliance board officers: Joan Solà, executive vice president, chief global markets for Zinio LLC, elected vice chair for the new term. Edward Jansen, vice president of professional services production printing solutions, Canon Solutions America Inc., elected as secretary/treasurer. They are joined by new past chair (ex-officio) Wayne Marshall, president, Flatout Branding & Design; and Baechle. Newly elected directors are:

Brian Keith: senior product manager, print and color management for Microsoft; Sonja Dearden: global print production manager for Lindt & Sprüngli; Andrew Bullock: special projects manager for Sony Interactive Entertainment America; Albin Baranauskas: managing director for Techkon GmbH; Jack Frank: color process manager, North America, for WestRock/MPS; and Tobias Saalfeld: U.S. director, color management and consulting services for Ricoh Americas.

Continuing his service on the Idealliance Board of Directors: Frank Tückmantel, vice president, corporate marketing for EFI.

Completing their terms and retiring from the Idealliance Board of Directors are: past chair (ex-officio) Dick Ryan, vice president sales and marketing, LSC Communications; past treasurer Dino Pagliarello, vice president, product management and planning, Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA Inc.; Steven Portrude, president, Harwill Express Press; and Michael Grady, global marketing director, sgsco.

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