Unisub and ChromaLuxe Launch New Technical Support Portal

After five months of planning, blueprinting, designing and coding, Unisub and ChromaLuxe introduces a new technical support portal, entitled “Start to Sublimate.” The website includes video tutorials, FAQs, tip sheets for the companies’ sublimatable products, and suggestions for faster production and improved results.

Both Unisub and ChromaLuxe make sublimatable products and both are subsidiaries of Jeffersontown, Kentucky-based Universal Woods.

Developed by Steven Roesbeke and with content written by Peter Boodts of ChromaLuxe Europe, users can operate the site by searching key sublimation terms or article numbers to locate information about sublimation technology, processes and more.

Sara Nicholson, communication and digital engagement specialist, offers insight into what inspired the portal: “Sublimation printing is easy to start with, yet it is not easy to master. Our aim is to get more people introduced to sublimation printing and to share our knowledge with more experienced users.

“We have listened to sublimators all over the planet and built this portal addressing the needs we detected,” she adds, mentioning that the portal benefits the company as well by offering a better method connecting with clients and helping keep them up to date with new content.

Nicholson also comments on the development process, adding that, “We have a lot of information available, so bringing it all together in a structured, easy-to-navigate manner was quite the challenge.”

As the company gauges the portal’s activity within the first few months of going live, according to Nicholson, “We (may) look into multilingual sections or user-generated content, but for now we don’t have solid plans.”

For those interested in setting up a free account, register here.

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