Universal Lighting Technologies' new distributor, Forman & Associates

Universal Lighting Technologies Partners with Forman & Associates

Nashville, Tennessee-based Universal Lighting Technologies, a supplier of LED lighting for a variety of applications, recently announced a partnership with Los Angeles-based Forman & Associates, a large-scale lighting installation and management company.

Forman & Associates will be representing Universal Lighting’s products across the Southern California and Nevada region.

“We’re thrilled to partner with an agency who provides extensive market knowledge with a commitment to building strong relationships with their customers,” says Stu Sumner, Universal’s western region vice president of sales. “Forman and Associate’s diversified experience gives us confidence their team will continue to go above and beyond to expand the reach of Universal’s lighting solution.”

As Universal Lighting states in its announcement, “With more than 40 years of experience, Forman & Associates represents an array of quality manufacturers of electrical and industrial lighting products, offering extensive market knowledge for any type of lighting application. Their broad product expertise enables them to insure their client’s and manufacturer’s principals meet the ever-changing demands of the electrical industry.”

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