Videotel Digital Hits Noteworthy Milestone

San Diego-based Videotel Digital, a maker of digital signage media players and interactive digital media solutions, announces that it recently hit the milestone of 50,000 screen installations done globally.

“It attributes that our clients want to answer the increasing demand for digital signage with our products because their functionality is flawless,” says Lisa Schneider, the company’s vice president of marketing and sales. “Our digital media player product line is impactful because it’s not only dynamic, it’s low-maintenance. You power them on and the machines will run uninterrupted. They are phenomenal all-in-one products.”

The company says its players are used across a variety of industries and settings, including businesses, government agencies, the hospitality industry and retail establishments.

“Possibly some of our most rewarding work has been with both retail and healthcare,” Schneider says. “Our clients in this industry find the media players ideal for engaging both patients in waiting rooms and for enhancing in-store experiences in retail stores. Essentially, wherever people gather we can enhance their stay and increase dwell time to displays. It’s incredible that one product can improve the customers’ experience so much but it does. We think that the installation of 50,000 screens is an achievement that is just as amazing as it is believable.”

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