‘World’s First’ 3D-Printed Pop-Up Retail Store Created with MASSIVit Printer

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Israel-based MASSIVit 3D Printing Technologies announces that one of its customers, OMUS, a specialist 3D print provider in Australia, has constructed what is believed to be the world’s first 3D-printed pop-up retail store on behalf of luxury fashion brand, Louis Vuitton.

The display was set up for the holiday shopping season at a Sydney shopping center. It’s approximately 29’ wide, 33’ long and nearly 9’ tall. It was created using OMUS’ recently-installed MASSIVit 1800 3D Printer in just 18 days.

According to Robert Grosso, co-owner of Melbourne-based, OMUS, working with Louis Vuitton’s design agency, Gold Coast Displays, the company was tasked to produce a statement megastructure that would serve as an attention-grabbing platform for the premiere of the brand’s latest menswear collection. Just three weeks remained from the point at which OMUS received the confirmation to go-ahead until the date of the pop-up store’s grand opening.

To assist with the magnitude of the print job, OMUS enlisted the help of another MASSIVit 3D customer, Sydney-based Composite Images. Utilizing the Massivit 1800’s print speed of up to 35 centimeters—or 14’’—per hour, two printers were deployed around the clock, each using dual print heads to produce two hollow panels simultaneously. A total of 30 panels were 3D-printed and serve as pop-up outlet’s walls.

Once created, OMUS placed solid support ‘ribs’ in each panel to ensure the weight of the huge structure could be tolerated. The entire display was then finished in chrome mirror self-adhesive vinyl, adorned with distinctive Louis Vuitton-designed animal prints matching the theme of the menswear collection on display

“Louis Vuitton, and its design agency, were delighted with the finished result; it surpassed their expectations in terms of its striking visual appeal and realized their original vision to radiate the opulence of the company’s safari-inspired men’s line,” says Grosso. “Their staff are also happy to explain to visitors how 3D printing was pivotal to the project and how it encapsulates Louis Vuitton’s innovation and fresh-thinking attitude.”

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