Wrap Artists Competition

UK-based see-through window film manufacturer Contra Vision is sponsoring an international competition to find the best window graphics, advertisement, sign or other designs placed on the windows of any building, vehicle, POP, entrance doors or partitions. All winners of the 4th International Wrap Artists Competition will receive a limited edition glass sculpture by an internationally recognized artist. The overall winner will receive a limited edition glass sculpture and $500.

All projects submitted must use Contra Vision Perforated Window Film, Contra Vision Impress (formally known as Contra Vision ORSTM) or Contra Vision XRTM technologies.

The competition is split into five categories, and there will also be an overall winner.

  • Building Wraps—These visual statements will showcase brand identity while still maintaining through vision for workers or visitors in the building.
  • Point-of Purchase—Items to be displayed on retail windows and doors.
  • Vehicle Wraps—Fully wrapped vehicles with graphics and some of the windows, combining solid vinyl and perforated window film.
  • Transit Advertising—See-through window graphics on bus, tram or train.
  • Innovative Uses—The use of see-through graphics with applications on any transparent surface including internal partitions or balustrades.

To enter the Contra Vision 4th International Wrap Artists Competition, please contact Dee Barrington-Ford (dee@ contravision.com) to request an entry form or visit www. contravision.com and follow the Wrap Artists link where entries can also be submitted electronically. Deadline for the receipt of entries is Sept. 19 2014. The public announcement of award winners will be made on Wednesday 22 October at the SGIA 2014 Expo, Las Vegas. The award winners will be informed 7 days before that date.

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