YESCO Rebrands as Prismview

Logan, Utah-based YESCO Electronics, a maker of custom electric signs, LED displays and software announces that it is rebranding as Prismview, A Samsung Electronics Co.

The name change is designed to better align the company with its new parent company, Samsung Electronics, which purchased YESCO in March. YESCO has been in the industry more than 20 years and has done more than 2,000 installations throughout the United States.

The acquisition reinforced Samsung’s entry into the LED display market, extending the reach of the company’s expertise beyond large-format displays using LCD panels.

Since the Samsung acquisition, Prismview has seen significant investments in the Logan, Utah, plant in personnel, equipment, and other resources. Prismview has also seen its international sales increase by more than 75%.

“Samsung’s vast resources have added to our existing expertise, and have positioned Prismview to become the world leader in LED digital signage,” says John Williams, CEO of Prismview.

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