Zund America Open House a Success

With attendance numbers and participant response well beyond expectations, the June 13 open house event at automated finishing system maker Zund America in Franklin, Wis., was a resounding success.

Zund America was able to show off its recently expanded service and demonstration facilities while taking the opportunity to demonstrate the latest innovations in Zund tooling and complete digital cutting/finishing automation.  Zund America’s first-ever open house was part of a series of events the company is hosting this year to celebrate its first decade in business and honor all the customers and partners/vendors who contributed to its success.

Attendees had a chance to see continuous demonstrations of the fully automated Zund Board Handling System set up for non-stop production, a 10’-wide G3 finishing table with automatic center winder/spreader cutting textile, the eurolaser configuration processing polyester and acrylic, and an M-2500 configuration routing 2D and 3D. Not surprisingly, the undisputed star of the event was the S3 M-800 equipped with automatic sheet feeder and robotic off-load arm. In a completely automated workflow based on QR-codes, the S3 system was continuously picking up, advancing, and cutting two stacks of printed sheets--each one containing different print jobs in random order--while a beta version of the Zund off-load robot was busy removing and stacking the finished parts. 

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