Wraps Project: NASA Bus

Steve Masse of All Out Graphix in Sheldon, Vermont, sent us this project for a local school tech center and its aviation tech program.

“This Bus wrap was paid for by a grant from NASA, and was a pretty cool project,” Masse says. “We took pics of some of their actual planes and helos at their facility that they use for teaching (fully functional planes, also). We let the students each sketch out some designs, and we took a bit of all of it for the final design. We turned their 25 year old mini school bus into a really cool looking vehicle that they use to transport the students from the school over to their hangar at the airport where they do all their work. This job was cool in a few important ways. 1) We always love working with fun graphics that are outside of the normal commercial logo type stuff. 2) We always love to help out. 3) Doing a job that is funded by NASA is definitely out of our normal realm.