Elite Media lives large in Sin City

Wallscapes of Vegas

It’s hard to believe that, until recently, Las Vegas was never able to break into the top 50 markets for outdoor advertising. That changed when Henderson, Nev.-based Elite Media Inc. set up shop in the desert in 2003. Now, Vegas is No. 48, and Elite Media represents 21 local buildings and 13 billboards, specializing in wallscapes, building wraps, digital billboards, traditional billboards and taxi media.

According to Chad McCullough, co-owner and president, the company has successfully completed “over 200 wallscapes, building wrap and billboard projects. The majority of these projects were located locally in Las Vegas, but we have also done projects in Orlando, Phoenix, New Orleans, Dallas and Los Angeles. Elite Media and our team have successfully secured over 50 building locations, and produced and installed building wraps up to 65,000 square feet.

“In addition to our building wrap sales experience, we also have vehicle and taxi-top advertising experience. Elite Media sells the advertising on more than 600 taxis in Phoenix. Our taxis are unique in that they are the largest fleet of ‘green’ (hybrid) taxis in the nation.”

Founded in 2002, the business was started by Chad and Katherine McCullough in Los Angeles, which is the second-largest market for outdoor advertising. But, according to McCullough, clients were soon looking for locations in Vegas.

Elite Media isn’t just another Nevada sign shop; the company has become a partner with the city of Las Vegas, establishing what it calls the The Parquee Digital Network. Built and installed by YESCO, this network of 28-foot-tall signs are dotted along the city and mirror the iconic design of the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign at the entrance of the Las Vegas strip. The signs are embellished with neon, and the LED “active area” of the digital signs are nearly 8' x 8'. The “spot program” allows full-color advertisements to appear for an eight-second spot simultaneously across nine digital faces. The ad will be seen continuously every 64 seconds.

“The idea of the Parquee Digital Network started Oct. 15, 2010, when Elite Media responded to an RFP to help the city of Las Vegas begin an advertising program that would generate revenue for the city. The initial RFP was much larger, but in the end, we ended up with the contract and the rights to build the first phase of Parquees,” McCullough says. “It is our mission to bring revenues to the city of Las Vegas through expansion of our current contract as well as bring similar programs to surrounding cities.”

The relationship between Elite Media and the city has expanded beyond the Parquee Digital Network. Despite the sluggish economy, the partnership has aimed to boost convention business and tourism through convention-center advertising, indoor and outdoor media on city buildings, and wraps for the Vegas monorail.

“Having the city of Las Vegas as our partner has helped our business not only with the Parquee program, but also with expanding our building wrap business within the city and county,” McCullough says. “We have a truly unique niche in this city with our convention advertising. The Las Vegas Convention Center is the largest one in the world. Our building wraps have added value to the exhibitors and enhance the entire convention experience. The health of the convention business is extremely important to the strength of the Las Vegas economy. The city recognizes this and appreciates what we do to make the biggest exhibitors/shows happy and continue to return.”

Despite the privilege of representing the city through outdoor signage, Elite Media, like other businesses, has had to adapt to local and national advertising budgets being slashed.

“Elite Media has expanded and evolved to included lower dollar out-of-home offerings, such as billboards and taxis to accommodate these reduced budgets,” McCullough says. “Now we have a media kit that supports any size advertising budget and we are constantly growing and changing to meet the changing economy.”