Contra Vision Teams with British Artist on Unique Project

UK-based filmmaker Contra Vision announces its sponsorship of Everybody Razzle Dazzle Mersey Ferry 2015, a project involving celebrated British artist Sir Peter Blake.

The project is a joint commission between England-based Liverpool Biennial, 14-18 NOW: The First World War Centenary Art Commissions and Tate Liverpool. The groups commissioned Blake, probably most famous for his design of the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album cover, to “bedazzle”’ a Mersey Ferry in partnership with Mersey travel and the National Museums Liverpool.

The ferry was launched from the iconic Pier Head building on the Liverpool waterfront on April 2. It will spend the next two years adding a splash of color to the Mersey waterway.

This project is the third in the series of Dazzle Ship commissions, the first being Induction “Chromatique a Double Frequence pour l’Edmund Gardner ship/ Liverpool. Paris2014” by Carlos Cruz-Diaz, parked on the Liverpool Waterfront, and Tobias Rehberger’s “Dazzle Ship” on the River Thames in London, which also features Contra Vision window graphics. The Mersey Ferry is the first such piece that was commissioned on a working vessel.

The dazzle style in which the vessels are painted take inspiration from the famous glaring colors and jagged lines of the ‘dazzle’ camouflage, designed to confuse enemy U-boat captains. The geometrically patterned boats would have been a familiar sight during World War I, when hundreds of shipping convoys sailed to and from Britain’s ports.

Incidentally, for his work on Sgt. Pepper’s, Sir Peter was paid £200, or approximately 300 American dollars.

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