Carl Brewer

Exclusive Coverage: Carl Brewer to Host Exclusive Wrap Gathering

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Carl Brewer, owner of Las Vegas’ The Wrap Installers and a well known figure in the world of vehicle wraps, is throwing a party and you’re invited – but only if you, too, live in the wrap world.

He’s calling his event "Carl Brewer Presents The Big Reveal," and although the events are unrelated he has scheduled his business-to-business event at the same time as SEMA 2015 – the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s annual convention in Las Vegas.

The goal is simple, he says: getting the guys who do the wrapping in front of the companies they’ll be buying from in a more relaxed atmosphere than a formal trade show. Having the event take place outside the convention hall also allows for some smaller companies with limited budgets to still get in front of their target demographic. Brewer says he’s projecting attendance of about 450 people.

“(With) The Big Reveal, we’re taking six or seven manufacturers and we’re revealing never-seen-before colors each year,” Brewer says. “This being the first year we have about six manufacturers that are going to be displaying new colors. We’re going to be providing free alcohol and finger foods and snacks, making people come to this event and relax and be ahead of the competition.”

The Big Reveal will be held at a private warehouse on Wednesday, Nov. 4, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. The exact location of the event won’t even be released until three days ahead of time, adding to its exclusive feel.

The Big Reveal is meant to change the way new styles of specialty films are released, Brewer says.

“The reason behind this is, the vinyl manufacturers, when they put out a film and say, ‘OK, it’s ready,’ now those color books have to go out, and some people have to show some people – you have a cold start, if you get what I’m saying,” Brewer says. “But with this, if Avery says, ‘Hey, we’ve got this coming out in the spring of 2016,’ they could have samples, or even pictures of the car, and start showing those customers for the next three or four months and say, ‘It’s going to be available in the springtime.’ Then they’re lining up customers. … It’s not a cold start of trying to get people interested. They have a line of people and they’re getting those cars in and material’s getting sold.”

Anyone with ties to the wraps industry is invited to his event, Brewer says. For more information about The Big Reveal you can email him at, and to register go to There is no charge to attend.

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