Trade Show Display Options

It’s impossible to know everything about trade show exhibits; there are just too many variations out there. However most of them can be categorized into a few simple market segments, and each type has its advantages and drawbacks.

Modular Displays — Modular displays are the high-end structures composed of modular hardware pieces that can be configured into very large exhibit spaces.

*   Pros: Highly customizable, re-useable and re-configurable. Exhibits look very professional and unique. They are extremely durable and strong.

*   Cons: These displays are difficult to assemble and take down. They require hiring local crews at each location. Expensive to ship.

Expandable Displays — This trade show standard falls in the mid-range of trade show pricing. They folding down into small compact packages, and expand into a large display.

*   Pros: Allows full coverage graphic panels with no visible hardware. They are light weight and portable. They are available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes.

*   Cons: Can be tricky to install and often requires two persons. They are extremely popular and common at trade shows making it harder to stand out.

Fabric Displays — Fabric Displays are gaining popularity because of their light weight and potentially unique appearance.

*   Pros: Unusual shape possibilities and the unique look of the fabric graphic surface make these exhibits stand out. Fabric is lightweight and expensive to ship.

*   Cons: Fabric is more easily damaged or dirtied than many other types of trade show graphics. Assembly may be more complicated that standard exhibits.

Folding Panel Displays — Aluminum frames are usually configured of three or four panels across the bottom and the same amount across the top.

*   Pros: These display systems are durable, reusable, easy to set up and have easy-to-change graphics. Panels can be changed without re-doing the entire display.

*   Cons: These systems are large, heavy and it requires two people to handle them. They are too large for taking as luggage on a plane.

Solid Panel Displays — Solid Panel Displays are completely covered with Velcro-compatible surfaces for attaching graphics with hook-and-loop tape materials.

*   Pros: The displays have a beautiful, one-piece appearance. They are lightweight, are the easiest display to set up and are relatively inexpensive.

*   Cons: The panels are bulky to carry and graphics can easily become misaligned during travel.

Banner Stands — Banner stands combine a banner graphic with simple display hardware. They come in retractable and standard versions.

*   Pros: Small and lightweight for transportation and very inexpensive, these displays are also stylish in appearance.

*   Cons: Generally will not work well when larger sizes are needed for full backdrops.

Display Cases —Convertible cases hold the displays for shipping but become tables and podiums during the show.

*   Pros: They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. Other case types vary from sturdy shipping crates to light, fabric bags.

*   Cons: Surface of display area is limited