Effective Trade Show Displays

The trade show industry is a good market for display graphics and offers both challenges and rewards. Creating effective trade show displays involves a bit more than a logo, a slogan and some bright colors. By digging a little deeper into the needs and goals of your trade show client, you can help generate a more successful trade show experience for them, and quite possibly some repeat business for yourself. Here are some tips to consider.

  • Listen to the Customer - The most effective trade show graphics are ones created with an understanding of the customer. Don’t approach your design concept by assuming or pre-determining what a customer needs. By truly listening to the customer you can create a design that really meets their objectives. This is imperative.
  • Know the Audience - If a trade show’s audience consists of primarily upper management personnel, then the exhibitor will need to present the message of how their offerings will benefit the buyer’s net profits or bottom line. If the show’s audience is made up primarily of sales management personnel, then the message needs to indicate how the exhibitor’s offering will increase sales. If the show is attended by a high percentage of production management personnel then how an exhibitor’s offering will increase productivity. You get the idea.
  • Think Dimensionally - A high percentage of the signs used in the exhibit industry are two-dimensional. Creating a dimensional display is an opportunity to make your client’s exhibit stand out. A happy trade show client is a repeat trade show client.
  • Use Bold Color Contrasts - It is a well-known fact is that black and yellow are one of the most visible color combinations for the human eye to see. The Department of Transportation has known this for years and that is why highway-warning signs are black and yellow. Think boldly when it comes to color schemes. Competition for attention can be fierce at trade shows. Use your knowledge of colors to help your client stand out.

(Photo courtesy of Expand International of America)