Sales-Driven Questioning

In sales situations, the type of questions we ask—and how and when we ask them—has a huge influence on the type of answers we receive. Focus on sales-driven questions that will ultimately lead to a “Yes” for your next sale.

Be aware that clients have questions too. In fact, while we use open-ended qualifying questions to decide if we should continue the sales call, our client is deciding how much time he or she wants to spend with us. And he or she is wondering if we are really listening or if we really even care about the answers to the questions we so carefully ask. Before any client will even agree to answer our questions honestly, he or she must recognize his or her own challenges and be open to the possibilities of how we might be able to help.

Some sales-driven questions to consider:

  • Open-ended questions
    Closed-ended leads to closed discussion.
  • Leading questions
    Questions that will lead the client toward the line of reason you need.
  • Information-gathering questions
    Find out the client’s needs, hopes, goals
  • Qualifying questions
    Make sure the client can afford/benefit from the product you offer
  • Rapport establishing questions
    You want the client to like you, feel they know you
  • Trust establishing questions
    Give them some value-information to gain trust
  • Trigger questions
    Ask questions that will help open up the prospect
  • Floater questions
    Try to find out what the client is thinking
  • Aspiration questions
    What does the client need/hope to achieve?
  • Anxiety questions
    What does the client stand to lose?
  • Follow-up questions
    Often the best information comes with the follow-up
  • Closing questions
    Once you feel the prospect is ready, go ahead and ask when they need delivery.

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