Closing Mistakes to Avoid

Some of the best deals have fallen apart at the end of the sale, during the closing. Let’s look at some of the biggest and most common mistakes that sales people make when trying to close a deal. Some of this might seem very basic, but you’d be surprised how many sales are blown for the following reasons:

  • Lack of Enthusiasm — If you’re not in the mood to sell, you’re not going to close the sale. That is especially apparent to the prospect who is being asked to plop down money. Why should they pay for something that the salesman is not excited about?
  • Rushing the Sale — With some clients, you need to back off and give them time to make the decision. Most people hate being rushed into a sale, especially when it's for a big-ticket item.
  • Lack of Control — If you are not in control of the situation, you won’t close. That means understanding the needs of the client, having confidence in your product or service, presenting yourself as an authority and listening to the client.
  • Too Many Distractions — Don’t let something like a phone call or other interruption get in your way. If the client is being distracted, you might suggest a quieter venue, or a better time to discuss the sale.
  • Not Asking Enough Questions — Ask questions that will reveal the customers need, the customer’s priorities to fill that need, and if possible discover the client’s budget and time frame for filling that need. Don’t forget to ask for the business!