Tips for Making Cold Calls

When cold-calling in person at a large office building or complex, dress professionally and be polite to everyone. Here are some tips to help you on your first visit with a prospective client:

  • Smile—First impressions count, and a smile can put even the most hard-bitten security guards and receptionists at ease. Getting these people to feel at ease will help you get the information you need.
  • Keep your Eyes Open—Use your powers of observation and notice whether the place is clean and well maintained. The kinds of vehicles outside can tell you a lot. Once inside pay attention to the equipment and furnishings. This can give helpful clues as to whether this is a prosperous business or one that’s struggling. Cold call sales calls, in a sense, convert you from sales person into researcher.
  • Learn the Receptionist’s Name—It will smooth the present conversation, and will be helpful if you phone back later for an appointment. Then you can use the receptionist’s name when you remind them that you spoke the other day. That simple gesture could turn you into a friend, rather than just a sales guy making a cold call.