Anatomy of a Sale

Almost every sales transaction can be analyzed by the various stages that a sale involves. There are basically five stages of action. These concepts, developed in the 1950’s, are nothing new, but they still serve to help bring into focus the basic elements of the sale, and are applicable for sign and graphics shops everywhere. These elements  include:

  • Attention — The first step is to gain the prospect’s attention. This can be done through some advertising, marketing or other prospecting method.
  • Interest — Once you have their attention, you need to build their interest. This can be done by using an emotional appeal, such as paying a compliment, or by suggesting that they will save a significant amount of money by dealing with you.
  • Desire — Once their interest is piqued, you need to build their desire for your product. This can be done by saying how the prospect will benefit from having and using the product, and by showing them some of its features and perhaps letting them try it.
  • Conviction — Once you’ve built initial desire, you need to build their conviction for your product. Do this by statistically proving the worth of your product in their specific situation. Compare it to its competitors or present customer testimonials.
  • Action — Once the prospect is convinced yours is the right product, you need to encourage the prospect to act. This is your closing. Ask for the order. If they object, address their objections. There are then many types of closing techniques that can help get the business.