Responding to Difficult Objections

When you encounter more difficult objections and questions, it’s best to work systematically in order to get past them. Here are four steps that will help you respond to even the toughest objections.

  • Do Some Probing
    Basically, ask questions to get the prospect talking about why they are hesitating. If you can discover what’s behind the hesitation, you can usually find a way to help them feel comfortable and move on with the sale.
  • Restate the Issue
    In order to make sure your prospect knows that you understand their concerns, repeat the issue in your own words. Ask the prospect to confirm whether that is a fair restatement. Make sure to get on the same page as the prospect.
  • Respond positively to that concern
    Try to show how your product or service overcomes that concern. If you’ve done your homework, you already know that what you offer is a good solution to their problem.
  • Move On
    Often these objections are not really core to the issue at hand. If this is the case you should move on to another matter, without getting bogged down on this single issue. Acknowledge it and move on.

By probing for the true reasons behind an objection, restating their concerns in your own words and then offering a positive solution, you can get past most objections. If the objection is not core to the sale, move on.