Overcoming Objections (Part I)

Sales professionals deal with objections in almost every sale. The reason some objections occur in the first place is because of poor sales presentations, so to reduce the risk of objections be sure to give a thorough sales presentation. The more complete the presentation, the more clearly the buyer will understand your offer, which, in turn, will provide them with more reasons to make a positive buying decision.

However, sometimes a customer’s sense of need for what you offer is not strong enough to motivate them to buy, even when you see a perfect fit. If you can identify what’s at the core of their objection you can take the next step. Use the following strategy to get to the core of the objection:

  • Acknowledge their objection
  • Ask for meaning behind objection
  • Try to understand the prospect's mindset
  • Re-state the objection to let them know you understand their objection
  • Respond to what they have actually said in a positive way

If a specific objection comes out, react to it. If no clear problem emerges, try again to develop or enhance the prospect’s sense of need for your product. In doing this, you may try to develop the prospect’s awareness in greater depth of the practical implications of the needs which you already discussed. Alternately, you may look for additional needs.