Overcoming Objections (Part III)

When facing objections from a prospect, remember that often, behind the words, there are deeper factors preventing them from saying yes. Remember, a few objections are to be expected, but sometimes one objection leads to another and another and another. Here’s a way of overcoming a core objection by turning it around so that as you are overcoming this core objection and preventing another to pop up.

  • Restate this objection and make a point of agreeing with the prospect on the importance of that objection.
  • Get the prospect to commit to the objection, by saying something like, “It sounds like that’s probably the only thing keeping you from buying. If my product could do (whatever the objection relates to) then you would probably buy, right?” The prospect will usually agree.
  • The prospect may explain why this issue is of particular importance to him or his company. Encourage him to do this. Listen carefully and respond positively. This reinforces the prospects commitment to this position.
  • Next, explain exactly how your product actually satisfies the stated objection and conclude by asking for the order. (The prospect has already admitted that he would buy if you can show that your product can overcome the difficulty.) Close the sale.