Working the Follow-Up Call

If you are making a follow-up call to a prospect who has already been introduced to you and your products, try to stay away from calling simply to see if they’ve received your information, or to “check in” to ask if they have any immediate needs for your product/service. Here are some better ways of working the follow-up call:

  • Bridge Your Conversations. Bridge any previous conversation with your current follow-up call. Refer back to your initial conversation and remind the prospect why they need to continue that conversation with you.
  • The New Idea. Tell the prospect you’ve been thinking about your earlier conversation and have some new ideas that you’d like to share regarding how your product may actually complement and enhance what they are already doing.
  • The Other Client. Tell the prospect you were thinking about another client who was in a similar situation, and that the prospect might be interested in hearing about how you were able to help them find a perfect solution.  
  • The Revised Product. Tell the prospect that some new, interesting improvements have been made to your product line, and that they may now be a great fit.
  • Don’t Let a Lead Get Cold. Don’t wait too long between calls. Continually remind the prospect why they are investing their time in talking with you and why this is a priority.