More Sales Myths and Facts

It’s easy to get caught by sales myths that have the appearance of truth, or have a grain of truth in them. However, taking stock in a mistaken assumption or belief can cost you. Be sure to recognize myth from fact when considering your sales prospect’s company, your product and what you think is and isn’t possible.

Here are a few more sales myths and facts to consider before you make your next sales call.

  • MYTH: If your client hasn’t put your product or service in the annual budget, then you’ve missed your only sales window.
  • FACT: Very few small businesses actually understand or adhere to budget discipline. But many will say “it isn’t in our budget,” as their main objection. And even if they do have a have strict budget, most companies have discretionary funds available.
  • MYTH: The client can get the exact same product or service that you offer somewhere else—you are therefore forced into playing a pricing game.
  • FACT: You are not selling a commodity. A commodity is paper, concrete or pork bellies. Change the conversation to focus on what makes your product unique, and emphasize the value that it brings to the client that they won’t find elsewhere. Show how the client’s bottom line will improve because of your product’s unique attributes.

If you believe in your product, have confidence in its benefits and can effectively communicate the value proposition of what you offer to your customer or prospect, you will close more frequently.