Sales Myths and Facts

Sometimes the process of selling is made more difficult—not because of the significant client objections, a slow market, or problems with delivery times. Sometimes a sale is tripped up because of a mistaken assumption—a myth, if you will—that the sales rep might hold. There are a number of myths that are easy to believe, despite their lack of foundation. But if you are armed with facts, you might just be better armed to cinch the sale.

  • MYTH: The customer always buys based on price.
  • FACT: The customer invests in value—whatever he or she perceives that to be. If the customer perceives that your product or service has real value, making a sale is easy.
  • MYTH: Customers are only happy when they believe they got a “good deal.”
  • FACT: Many salespeople are insecure in asking customers to make a full investment. Customers feel secure with a bigger investment—if they can see and understand the value. Though it’s often unstated, the old saw “you get what you pay for” resonates with most buyers.
  • MYTH: As a sales rep, you do business with companies.
  • FACT: You actually do business with people. It’s all about relationships.
  • MYTH: The customer’s emotion plays no part in the buying decision.
  • FACT: Every decision a customer makes is affected by some type of emotion. That’s only human nature. Cultivate positive customer emotions by maintaining positive relationships.