Mactac Debuts Protective Laminate Lineup

Product Spotlight

There’s a new protection against vandalism and graffiti.

This year, Mactac debuted its PERMACOLOR® SAG Anti-Graffiti & Window Protection film lineup, featuring three laminate options that deliver protection to surfaces such as windows, promotional prints and other surfaces.

Each film in the lineup offers UV light resistance to help protect surfaces and images from fading, and if used as a window-protection film, the laminate can help protect interior rugs, walls and furnishings from premature fading.

SAG films are easily cleaned with off-the-shelf graffiti cleaners if the surface is tagged. These films also act as a sacrificial film if the window or mirror is physically damaged by vandals. The cost of new film is a fraction of the cost of replacing a window, so simply remove the SAG film and replace with a new layer. 

SAG films offer a range of films that meets the application needs at the right price.


Choose SAG 36, an economical 1.4-mil PET, for short-term anti-graffiti applications.  It is designed to be used as a clear laminate over promotional inkjet prints or as an inexpensive optically clear laminate over perforated window films. It can also be used to enhance the strength of glass windows and mirrors,  and if the glass is broken, to keep the glass shards together until the window or mirror can be safely replaced.


SAG 53 is a 2-mil, hard-coated clear PET, perfect for use as a laminate over graphic images that are displayed in areas where tagging is typical.  In addition, the adhesive wets out quickly and completely over UV inkjet prints—a first for this industry!


SAG 175 is the ultimate in window and anti-graffiti protection!  This 6.9-mil, high gloss, hard-coated, optically clear PET is super tough.  It is easy to apply with a standard laminator or wet apply onto glass and mirrors for significant impact resistance and perfect optical clarity.  Graffiti artists and destructive vandals won’t even know it’s there!  SAG 175 also passes ANSI Z26.1 and Bombardier SMP800c for use in public transport.

The new line of PERMACOLOR SAG products is just one more example of Mactac’s commitment to being a total solutions provider, going beyond the basic needs of the graphic products market to address pain points at the point of application.

To learn more about the PERMACOLOR SAG Anti-Graffiti & Window Protection film lineup, visit or call 866-622-8223 to speak to a sales representative today.