Mutoh Provides Most Versatile Printer On The Market

Product Spotlight

Mutoh, an industry leading manufacturer of wide-format printers and plotters, believes they hit a home run with their new 64ʺ 1627MH Hybrid printer.

The printer has quickly become a favorite among customers due to the extreme versatility this hybrid provides. The term “hybrid” is used because you can easily switch between roll-to-roll and rigid substrates by quickly adding or taking away the included flatbed tables to the front and rear of the machine. Not only that, but the ink technology provides the best of both worlds with its exclusive MP-31 Multi-Purpose ink with the benefits of both eco-solvent and UV/LED Technologies.


Mutoh’s new MP-31 ink was designed with the environment in mind. Their multipurpose ink is made of 60% BIO-based materials. MP ink is mostly plant derived and made from renewable sources that help reduce dependence on petro-leum. The ink has outstanding weather resistance, adhe-sion and color gamut while providing resistance against abrasions. The ink was formulated to penetrate the media’s surface and preserve the texture of the substrate, making printing on synthetic materials, shrink film, PET, and other unique textures possible. The Ink is available in CMYK+W in 500 ml bags.


The ValueJet 1627MH is a perfect match for the PSP that has a wide range of client demands. In the morning you can be printing rigid media for a political client, then roll away the tables to print backlit for a storefront by afternoon, then print a commercial vehicle wrap over-night, ready for lamination by morning when paired with the optional take up system. Nothing else on the market today allows you to accept a more versatile list of jobs and get more completed in one day than the 1627MH, all while saving you valuable floor space.


•    Hybrid printer for printing rigid and “roll-to-roll” media
•    Mounted head protection sensor to avoid bumping with media
•    Up to 20% increase compared with the previous models
•    Improved user interface and ease of use
•    Includes “Layout Application” + Windows Printer Driver
•    Maximum head height is 0.629 inches
•    A new 88 lbs. take-up system is optional
•    1 year onsite warranty
•    Sai Flexi RIP Software — Mutoh edition


•    KCMY + white bulk ink
•     The improved white ink with its high density brings out the primary color of the ink regardless of the printed material’s base color
•    The MP31 ink is environmentally friendly
•     Tough against heat and elongation, which allows PSPs to print and process on PET material for vacuum and thermo-forming.
•     Excellent choice for vehicle wraps, indoor/outdoor signage and prototype packaging.

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