A New Addition to a Proven Lineup of Laser Cutters

Product Spotlight

Trotec Laser debuts the newest member of its SP laser cutter series, the SP2000, which hits the market later this month.

Combining the company’s time-tested reliability with high-speed, efficient processing and a generous work space, Trotec’s SP2000 was built to drive productivity.

Trotec designed the SP2000 for efficient processing of large-format materials. The laser cutter features a working area of 66-by-98 inches, making it ideal for applications using wood, plastics and textiles, as well as other non-metal materials.  


In addition to easy access from all four sides, the SP2000 features a 71-inch-wide loading area at the front and the rear of the machine, allowing for unrestricted unloading and loading even while the machine is cutting.

The setup will also drive productivity with processing speeds up to 6.5 feet per second, and laser power up to 400 watts. The fully enclosed beam path makes this class 4 system as safe to operate as a class 2 system in normal operation, eliminating the need for special safety measures.


In addition to expanding Trotec’s large format portfolio for standard sheet size and roll fed materials, the SP2000 falls directly in line with the company’s mission to make its customers more profitable.

The SP2000 delivers reliable performance through InPack Technology and harsh environment protection that is the very core of Trotec’s unmatched mechanical reliability – fully dust protected and maintenance-free mechanics that last.

• Air-flushed optics for excellent cutting edges. All optics are air-flushed with clean compressed air during laser processing. The optics are kept free from dust that is produced during cutting. This is providing a maintenance-free operation and ensuring the long life of the high-quality components.

• Fully closed beam path for 24/7 operation. The laser beam is protected over its complete path, meaning the class 4 system operates as safely and easily as a class 2 laser system without additional safety measures.

Through its extensive line of quality laser systems, coupled with its unmatched service and support offerings, Trotec has established a reputation as one of the industry‘s leading resources for computer controlled engraving equipment and marking systems.

For more information about the SP2000 or Trotec’s extensive lineup of high-speed laser equipment, call 866-226-8505 or visit www.troteclaser.com