StarLam, ClearShield Coatings Combine for Efficient Performance

Product Spotlight

With award-winning lamination applications and quality construction, Marabu has made it tough to ignore the advantages of liquid lamination over film application.

In recent years, shop owners have noted the benefits of liquid applications, thanks largely to the success and ongoing development of the Charleston, S.C.-based company’s StarLam 1600R Roll-to-Roll Laminator and corresponding ClearShield liquid coating.  

Together, the StarLam and ClearShield improve material and labor efficiency, saving operators up to 60 percent of production costs versus film laminates while producing the same benefits.


The StarLam and ClearShield names are among the most proven and cost-effective lamination solutions for any print house looking to protect a broad range of products that include wall coverings, fleet graphics, fine art, canvas prints and car wraps, among others.

The StarLam 1600R Roll-to-Roll Liquid Laminator applies a smooth, consistent coating of the water-based ClearShield Liquid Coatings, which make protecting digital prints a quick and simple process.

The StarLam handles a variety of substrates up to 64-inches wide, and the various ClearShield formulations make finding the perfect coating solution for any application a snap. 


Unlike film laminate machines, the StarLam delivers reliable, consistent performance, saving shop owners—and ultimately their customers—money. 

The StarLam-ClearShield combination delivers a low cost-per-square-foot of material while reducing waste and project rerun by eliminating common film laminate errors that result from poor alignment, creasing and delamination, among others. 

Requiring only sporadic interaction from a single technician, the roll-to-roll laminator typically delivers a return-on-investment in less than three years, depending on a shop’s volume of work.

ClearShield water-based laminates deliver an eco-friendly application that is easy to clean, making it the ideal fit for any medium to high volume print house that wants to protect a broad range of products.

Aside from its notable improvements over film-based laminators, the StarLam boasts a bevvy of features that put the roll-to-roll machine in a class of its own, including:

• Ships ready to use
• Features a one-year limited warranty
• Built to Marabu’s proven quality standards, backed by responsive customer service
• Applies a smooth, even and consistent coating
• Suitable for store-front shop or high production printer

For more information about the StarLam 1600R and Marabu’s ClearShield Liquid Coatings, visit, or call 843-886-0094.