Banner Finishing Options

After printing, most banners will require some form of edge finishing, and, in most cases some way to hang or display the banner must be provided. Here are some options:

  • Banner Tape - For simple, short-term indoor use, banner tape is quick and easy. This double-sided adhesive is formulated for use with vinyl banners and will provide a good light-duty product. For a stronger bond without using any equipment, chemicals are available that actually alter the chemistry at the join. They are much stronger than adhesives.
  • Heat Seams and RF Weld - Heat seam and RF (Radio Frequency) welding equipment can make short work of creating seams and edges. The equipment is expensive and training, but it gives a stronger, more consistent and almost invisible edge finish.
  • Hemming - Fold the edges of the banner over and either sew or heat-weld the material. This provides a finished look and gives added strength to the banner.
  • Grommets - The most common way to hang a banner is to fasten grommets into the hem of the banner. this allows for the largest variety of mounting options.
  • Rope - You can sew a length of rope into the hem of the banner and use the rope to hang the banner from objects in the area without damaging anything.
  • Pole - You can sew a pole into the hem of the banner. This necessitates  sewing pockets into the top and sometimes the bottom of the banner, but the end result is very attractive.
  • Nylon Webbing - A nylon webbing reinforcement can be sewn into the hem of the banner to provide extra durability in outdoor conditions.
  • Wind Slits - When a banner will be subjected to high winds, wind slits can be cut into the face of the banner to allow wind to pass through. Or, mesh banner can be used. Mesh banner also allows wind to pass through, but the image will not be as brilliant as one printed onto non porous banner material.