Cold Call Checklist

Making cold calls is often considered the bane of any salesman’s life. However, prospecting without cold-calling is nearly impossible. Remember, you’re not trying to make a sale as yet, you’re simply searching for potential leads. The checklist below is a starting point for the kinds of information you should look for when cold calling. Feel free to adapt it to your own uses.

  • Find out what the organization actually does. A company name is not always a good indicator.
  • Get the exact address and phone number of this office, so you can easily check back with them later.
  • Learn how large the organization is. If it is fairly large, you may have to change tactics.
  • Learn whether this is the headquarters of the company, or branch office, or a distribution center for another organization. Depending on your product and its cost, buying decisions might only be made at the headquarters office.
  • Try to discover the name (and contact information) for the key decision maker within the prospective firm. The guard or receptionist may or may not know. This is a key bit of information.

The cold call is only the first step. You needn’t get caught up with a lot of detail at this stage.