Customer Care Tips

Customer care and follow-up are very important, especially with new customers. Your first sale to a customer may be profitable, but it’s the follow-up sales that really make a difference, and you never know who will become your next best client.

  • Remember the 80-20 Rule: 80 percent of your profits and revenue come from 20 percent of your customers. Take good care of that 20 percent.
  • Your current customers offer the greatest potential for increased sales. They know you, trust you and will be more willign to listen to information about new products than a cold-call prospect. 
  • Once you’ve made a sale, follow-up in a professional manner. That customer follow-up could take the form of a phone call now and then to see how your product is working. Or it could take the form of a hand-written note.
  • Follow-up even with past or lost customers. Things (and faces) may change. Sometimes a lost customer may find they are not happy with your competitor. If this is the case, they won't automatically call you, but would likely welcome an inqiry from you.
  • It costs five times as much to find and sell a totally new customer than it does to sell to an existing customer. Sell more, spend less. 
  • Long-time customers have invested their trust (and dollars) in you; it is a good idea to show your appreciation by always offering the best deals possible—thus strengthening your relationship. Good customers will remain loyal if they feel you are consistently getting them the best deal.