EDS Signage Markets

You don’t have to look very far to find customers who are interested in electronic digital signage (EDS) to enhance their businesses. If you are the owner of an established sign shop, you shouldn’t have to search far at all. First, take a look at the potential market areas represented by your current clients, and target the markets that interest you the most. Automotive, education, entertainment, church and nonprofit, health care, travel, hospitality, retail and sports are all good examples. Following are a few suggestions.

  • Restaurants—Every type of eatery—from fast-food to bars and bistros—can benefit greatly from digital signage. Menu board screens provide a perfect showcase for pictures of the food on the menu.
  • Hospitality—Hotels, large and small, can make efficient use of EDS. Digital screens welcome important guests, congratulate wedding couples and other celebrants, designate the locations for meetings and social gatherings, advertise in-house or local restaurants, spas, shops and more.
  • Healthcare—Nowhere is EDS more useful and valuable than in hospitals and clinics, where they ease the flow of information and pedestrian traffic. Here they direct, educate, entertain and even relax the viewer. Electronic screens, including those with touch-screen capability, often form the basis of the interior wayfinding program when combined with an architectural sign system.
  • Facility Managers—Facilities management is a good group to target. Start with customers who have purchased directories or wayfinding signage from you in the past—particularly if they manage more than one facility. A new electronic directory gives them the ability to make changes on demand as well as to promote the products and services of clients in the building.
  • Houses of Worship—Churches have begun to make good use of electronic messaging. Many of them use digital screens to allow people in large congregations to see and hear the service more intimately.
  • Travel Facilities—Local and regional bus stations, railroad stations and airports all require timely messaging. Screens here serve multiple purposes. Their primary function is to report arrival and departure schedules, but screens positioned in waiting rooms can provide news and weather information, and ease waiting time.
  • Auto Dealerships—Automotive dealers strategically position screens by department to reach customers in different situations. Showroom clients can check out the highlights of new models while service customers can catch info on a variety of services and entertainment to ease waiting time.

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