Even More Sales Myths and Facts

Don’t let yourself get caught by sales myths that have the appearance of truth. Taking stock in a mistaken assumption or belief can cost you. Be sure to recognize myth from fact when considering your sales prospect’s company, your product and what you think is and isn’t possible. Here are even more sales myths and facts to consider:

  • MYTH: A complex presentation is an effective presentation.
  • FACT: More often, direct and simple is more powerful.
  • MYTH: Good talkers make good salespeople.
  • FACT: Good listeners make good salespeople.
  • MYTH: The client just wants a product.
  • FACT: The client actually wants leadership, innovation, and value.
  • MYTH: Clients are uncomfortable with change.
  • FACT: Clients are always looking for smart, progressive changes, especially if it will add to their bottom line.
  • MYTH: A quick review of a client’s products, culture, personality and history is all that is needed before contact.
  • FACT: The more you know about a client’s business, the better you can help match their need with your solution.
  • MYTH: A new person at our client’s company will inherit and understand all of the history between us.
  • FACT: Assume nothing; start from scratch. Establish a new relationship.
  • MYTH: Putting many options in front of a client and asking him or her to choose is a good strategy.
  • FACT: Too many options will quickly overwhelm a client. The most effective strategy is to focus the choices down to two or three at a time.
  • BONUS MYTH: We can sell below cost but make it up in volume.
  • FACT: Really? Good luck with that.