Five Ways to Deliver More Value

A clear shift is taking place among prospects and customers. Increasingly, they want to know, “Where’s the Value?” If this isn’t clear to them, they’ll go elsewhere. Here are five ways that smart salespeople use to make sure clients can see the value they are offering:

  • Answer Communications—Prompt, clear and complete telephone and e-mail responses send the message that your company is timely and efficient — qualities that’ll set you apart from competitors.
  • Offer Ideas—What customers need more than anything else is help coming up with with innovative ideas. Be their sounding board. You’re the expert. If you can’t be of assistance, you probably won’t get the business. Show them you can deliver more than a product or service.
  • Make Every Presentation Valuable—Don’t just drop in on customers unannounced. Have a clear purpose when you ask for a meeting and make sure the customer agrees that it’s worthwhile. Presentations must speak to customers’ concerns. It shows that your company’s in sync with theirs.
  • Show Ways to Reduce Costs—Don’t assume your customers believe you’re looking for ways to save them money. Be on the lookout for cost-cutting solutions, and share what you find. This reminds customers that you always have their best interests in mind.
  • Tighten Your Schedule—Giving customers proper attention takes time, so it’s critical that you set plenty aside to stay in tough.