Lighting Profits Beyond the Sign

How can you help your customers improve their visibility and increase their signage real estate? One way is to get them thinking beyond traditional signage. LED accents and border tubing are great ways to help your clients stand out from the crowd.

National chains such as White Castle and Arby’s take advantage of border tubing wrapped around the tops of their buildings. It’s so distinctive you don’t even have to see the sign on the building to know what the business is. In White Castle’s case, it uses a thin, blue neon-like LED tubing that’s only visible at night, while Arby’s uses wider profile tubing that keeps its color in the daytime.

There are a lot of reasons to use border tubing, and a lot of different ways to use it beyond just helping the building stand out. Perhaps your client is going for a look of elegance, or they’re using it to highlight a curve or a unique architectural feature.

Border tubing and accent lighting can also be used in interior applications, and the low voltage of the LED lighting provides a neon-like look that is safer for customers and much more economical.

Tubing products are primarily available in three options: tubing with daytime color, non-daytime color, and flexible. The palette of colors is limited; however, using white tubing and applying a sign vinyl will open up the color options. LED tubing options are lightweight, low voltage, and require minimal penetration through structures.

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