Projecting Confidence Wins Sales

The image you project at a sales meeting will have a profound effect on your bottom line. If you go into a sales meeting and don’t carry a winning image, it will be obvious to the buyer that you do not have confidence in what you are selling. Yes, it’s true that a good product can “sell itself” but you must let the buyer know that you are sold on it as well.

Even if you are not feeling confident in a selling situation you still must come across as self-assured. Here are some tips to try:

  • Be Yourself — Don’t try to be someone you are not or you will just end up feeling weak and looking awkward.
  • Stand Tall — Pull your shoulders back some and straighten your spine.
  • Be Comfortable — Wear clothing that looks professional, but that you are also comfortable in.
  • Hold Your Head Up — At first you, this may feel weird, but it works.
  • Center Yourself — When in a group, move towards the center of the group. You don’t want to be pushy or rude, but you do want to project that you enjoy conversation and being around people.
  • Hold Eye Contact — This shows people you are self-assured and that you aren’t trying to hide.

To sell, you must believe in your product or service, and more importantly, you must also believe in yourself. Your selling skills depend, in large part, on your ability to project a winning image. Other people sense whether or not you believe in yourself, and by extension, whether or not you believe in what you’re doing. That belief is what persuades the customer or client to buy the product or service. Therefore, increasing your self-confidence will improve your selling skills.