Reasons Not to Limit Your Wrapping to Just Vehicles

Smart shop owners are constantly looking for new ways to sell their products and services—to cross into new markets.

If you and your team have mastered the art of vehicle graphics, perhaps you want to take your skills to another level and potentially open up a whole new channel of business by offering atypical wraps. Wraps, after all, are all about customization and that’s going to lead to higher profit margins. A custom-wrapped garage door? Or pitching your local parks department on custom-wrapping all of its basketball hoops’ backboards with the city’s logo? Or wrapping every one of a company’s cell phones it gives out to its employees? Why not?

With the right designer and software there’s very little anymore that can’t be wrapped, and unusual items remain a largely untapped market. From museum floor and wall wraps to musical instruments, just landing a few jobs—professionally done, obviously, at a reasonable price—can instantly set your shop apart from your competition and perhaps open up a potentially large new revenue stream.

Click HERE to read Duane Fast’s article about tapping into wrapping the weird stuff. It won’t be without challenges, but the rewards can be fairly substantial.