Success Monday: Don't Be Afraid to be A Good Salesperson

You don’t have to carry the title of salesperson to be someone who is good at sales. Sure, the actual making of a sign, or sitting down to do a stellar design on CorelDRAW, might be a bigger reason why you’re jazzed to be in this business, but you also know that it’s sales that have people hiring you to do those things. Taking pride in your work doesn’t just mean producing a quality sign or banner, it means being proud of being able to help your customer with something they need. Be proud that you’re someone they turn to to help them grow their business. Mark Hunter of brings us this edition of Success Monday.

“The conversation wasn’t going well. When my Uber driver found out I was in sales, he began ranting that salespeople are just out to rip people off. One lesson I learned is when the person driving disagrees with you, it’s best to not argue back. Let’s just say it’s safer.

The driver ranted about how a friend of his got ripped off by a salesperson when buying a car. Needless to say, I didn’t get the full story, let alone the truth, but it’s irrelevant because in the mind of the driver, salespeople are not to be trusted. I exited the car wishing him the best and knowing there was little I was going to be able to do to change his mind.

Conversely, last week I spent some time with some amazing sales leaders who demonstrated integrity in everything they did.  One of the leaders was Tom Ziglar, son of Zig Ziglar.  Our conversation was 180 degrees from the conversation the Uber driver had with me.

We will never be able to control what everyone does, but what we can control is what we do. Sales leadership are two words that go together, and they go together when they’re built on a foundation of integrity.

I’m proud to be in sales. Yes, I wish I would have had more time to share with the Uber driver, but life goes on.  All we can do is to live each day demonstrating sales leadership in everything we do and with everybody we meet.

And the Uber driver who complained about salespeople being evil? I still gave him a 5-star rating and a tip, because sales leaders are not vindictive.”

Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter, is author of “High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price.” He is a consultative selling expert committed to helping individuals and companies identify better prospects and close more profitable sales. To get a free weekly sales tip, visit