Success Monday: How to Get Anything You Want

The topics on Success Monday often focus around how to get what you want. Elyse Archer is a successful sales and leadership coach; a sought-after speaker; and the founder of Six Figure Sales Coaching. In this blog post, Archer reminisces about the days before she had her own consulting company.

“As I write this I’m sitting at the Ugly Mugs coffee shop in Nashville, Tennessee. Late night warriors are working quietly, their faces illuminated by their laptop screens as they scroll through social media or write their next manifesto.  The smell of espresso wafts through the air, keeping us all buzzed way beyond what should be an acceptable hour to stop drinking caffeine.

This could be any coffee shop, but it’s not. Not for me. It’s the coffee shop where I first sat, last year, incredibly inspired by the idea of partnering with Southwestern Consulting to launch my sales coaching business.

You see, in May of 2015 I sat right in this very coffee shop after a lunch meeting with Amanda Vaden, senior partner with Southwestern Consulting Group. Amanda had agreed to have lunch with me while I was visiting Nashville on a personal trip.

I later found out that the probability of us having this meeting was next to zero. She’s almost never in town, and on top of that almost never accepts meeting requests from strangers.

I had asked her to meet with me knowing that it was a long shot that she would be available, but also believing that fate would take its course if it was meant to be. I was starting my sales coaching business and desperately wanted to pick the brain of someone who had done it the right way.

Call it fate or divine intervention, but she just happened to be in town on the same day I was, and for some reason she felt compelled to respond to my message. At our meeting not only did she share with me some great tips to launch my business, but she also floated the possibility of a potential partnership—what for me was a dream come true.

I sit here now, 16 months later, catching up on emails after a long day at Coaches Camp, our semi-annual convention for all of our coaches across the globe. Not only am I serving my clients doing sales coaching full-time, but I am doing it with the most incredible organization in the world—Southwestern Consulting Group.

As I sit here, I am reminded of the power of dreaming and removing the limits of what we think is possible for ourselves. If you asked me two years ago if this would happen, I would have thought it was an impossible dream. Yet here I am, living and breathing that very thing that seemed so unlikely just a few short months ago.

What is your big, scary dream? If you took the lid off of what you think is possible for yourself and allowed yourself to dream the way you did when you were a child, what would you want to do? It’s deep within you, if you stop judging what shows up and just listen.

Whatever the answer is, just GO FOR IT. You have nothing to lose! You haven’t achieved that dream yet, so even if it doesn’t happen for you, you haven’t lost anything. Incredible things start to happen when we take action in our lives in a big, bold way. People show up and things fall in to place in a way that supports your ultimate vision. 

The only thing you have to do is be open to it and act.”

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