Success Monday: The Importance of Logging Your Goals

It’s hard to get where you want to be if you don’t know where you’re going, and that’s why we all need goals—both in our professional and personal lives.

Brent Widman is a professional business and sales coach with the global business consulting firm Southwestern Consulting and it’s his contention that it’s not enough to just have goas, but it’s imperative that you actually have them written down. Here’s his argument why.


Why do we need to have them?

I’ve done roughly 250-plus workshops all across the country. Each and every time, I ask how many people in that room have their goals written down. Note that these are mostly salespeople. I would say when I ask that question, there’s truly about 25% of the room that actually writes them down. You may have them, but they aren’t going to do much good in your head. Let’s get them down on paper, on a word doc, spreadsheet—I don’t care where you put them. But get them down.

This is why ...


This will help you know exactly what you want to go after. What you want to accomplish. There are things we all want to do with our lives. Maybe it’s with work, family, kids, life in general. We all have goals. Something we want to achieve. Don’t just think about it.

Overcome Resistance

At times, it’s going to be hard. That’s okay. That’s why we write them down. Difficulty will stare you in the face and the goals will win that stare down. I promise you that. This is going to help you know when you accomplish or get close to it.

Motivate You to Take Action

They will talk to you. Goals will motivate you. They will help you get over the hump. They will help you get to what you want to get. Most importantly, they will help you take action. There’s this thing that happens in your mind when you write them down. It just clicks. There’s something powerful about it.

They Filter Opportunities

You stay focused. Why do we need to do that? So we don’t chase the shiny object or the squirrel. Goals will help you stay focused and true to exactly what you need to accomplish. Many of us move on when it isn’t going perfectly. Worse yet, we don’t do everything we possibly can to hit it. We check out.

Enable You to Celebrate

You hit something. Many times something you never thought you could because you put the time, work, effort into it. These things don’t just happen. Celebrate that. It’s a big deal.”

Brent Widman has a Masters of Business Administration degree and is a professional business and sales coach at Southwestern Consulting. Widman is based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area while Southwestern Consulting has its U.S. headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.