Success Monday: Sales Leadership Lessons from OutBound

Mark Hunter, who oversees the website The Sales Hunter, has a background in sales but his lessons are ones that we can all take to heart—which is one reason he’s such a sought-after keynote speaker.

“Many of you reading this blog post are aware of one of the largest sales event that I have the honor to co-host each year called OutBound. Today is the last day of the conference and just like in years past, the response has been amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I am humbled by your comments.

Let me share a few of my thoughts from what I’ve learned this week:

First, we never know who we will impact. We may feel like what we’re doing isn’t resonating with anyone around us, but it is. I’ve realized how much you can impact a multitude of people by just starting to impact one.

Both good and bad leadership has a compound effect in impacting others. We have to constantly be mindful of what we do and say and its direct impact on those around us. The compounding effect happens when those we affect then impact others based on how we impacted them. Leadership and sales have a lot in common, and it begins with compounding impact.

The second lesson I learned is that we must remember that what people take away from what we do or say can often be vastly different than our intentions. We all hear and absorb information based on our own personal context which can significantly impact what we think about someone. As a sales leader, you may say one thing only to have the person on the receiving end interpret it completely different. This is what makes assumptions so fatal. It’s easy for us to assume the message is heard but how the message is interpreted can be a different story. This is another reason why I see sales and leadership as very similar: both cannot survive merely on assumptions. It’s essential to slow down and ensure clarity.”

Mark Hunter is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, sales and management consultant and the author of two books: “High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price” and “High-Profit Prospecting.” For a free weekly sales tip, visit