Think Tank Thursday: One of These Phrases is Not Like the Other

Zig Ziglar was a master motivator and salesperson whose legacy continues today, with a vast amount of resources available for people who want to learn how to be better managers, better salespersons or, simply better people. The following is from

“If only.

Two very dangerous words.

These words enslave.

They paralyze.

They justify inaction.

They are the lullaby of laziness.

In spite of.

Now, this is a powerful phrase!

These words liberate.

These words create movement and action.

This phrase sings triumph over tragedy.

Try this power phrase out today.

‘IN SPITE OF how I feel, I am going to work out NOW.’

‘IN SPITE OF the circumstances, I am going to finish the project NOW.’

‘IN SPITE OF my car breaking down, I am going to keep my word NOW.’

You get the picture. Now color it in!

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!


P.S. Bonus section: Try this: ‘IN SPITE OF how busy I am, I am going to get the podcast right now and listen to it on the way home.’ LOL. It doesn’t have to be our free, life-changing podcast you listen to, but what are you going to listen to today that will make your life better?”

—Written by Tom Ziglar, one of the late Zig Ziglar’s four children. To read more from Tom visit