Think Tank Thursday: Speaking Truth to Stupid

The old adage, “Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy” can be so true. In this blog post from a few years ago, customer service guru and sales consultant Jill Konrath advised that sometimes, the only way to stop holding ourselves back is to have a good, solid heart-to-heart talk with our selves.

“The other night I was watching the premier of “The Network”, a new HBO show about the decline of journalist integrity. There’s a great scene in in which the new executive producer (Emily Mortimer) takes on the popular news anchor who’ll do whatever it takes to get the ratings.

In a fit of anger, she shouts out about the need to “Speak truth to stupid.” I almost stood up an applauded. I’m so sick of our partisan news media that won’t challenge the party lines.

Then, for some strange reason, I started thinking about what I did that was stupid. I hate when that happens. I much prefer to live in my own delusional world.

The stupid truth is this: I do things that prevent me from reaching my own objectives. Immediately, two goal-inhibiting behaviors came to me.

Playing Solitaire on my cellphone. I play whenever I have a spare moment. The trouble is, sometimes I can’t put it down. It’s addictive.

Surfing online. I read one interesting article which leads to another and then another. Hours can pass. Sometimes days (or so it seems).

I finally told myself, “Here’s the truth, stupid. If you want to turn that big idea into reality, you gotta stop.”

Clearly my only option was to remove these time-wasting distractions.

I immediately deleted Solitaire from my cell phone. Then, I went online and downloaded “Anti-Social.” This app locks me out of any online site I specify for a designated amount of time. The only way around it is to reboot my computer. (Get “ColdTurkey” for PCs.)

I’ve really freed up a lot of time! Much more so than I realized.

Be brutally honest with yourself: What are you doing that’s stupid?”

Jill Konrath is an internationally-recognized sales expert, in-demand speaker and bestselling author with a new book out, “More Sales, Less Time.” For more savvy sales advice and to download Jill's free sales tools, visit