The Value of Electronic Message Centers

When it comes to getting your signage clients interested in electronic message centers (EMC) it’s good to remember that it’s more about sales than technology. Yes, it’s true that EMC and LED lighting technology have improved vastly over the past few years—pixel pitches have gotten much tighter, full color displays are more accessible and the software is much more intuitive and robust than in the past.

But the point is that you can’t sell the technology itself until you sell the advertising benefits of EMCs first. It has to be looked at as an on-premise outdoor advertising medium that brings drive-bys into the door. If it doesn’t do that, then it’s obviously not an effective medium. But EMCs have proven time and again that they actually do what they’re advertised to do.

  • Let clients know that they’re not just buying a matrix of LEDs, but are investing in a dynamic form of advertising.
  • End users can control and change the message at a moment’s notice, and tailor it to meet their immediate marketing needs.
  • EMCs are effective. Each new message has an immediate and positive effect on sales.
  • Its immediacy makes EMCs a great medium for time-sensitive promotions. For example a restaurant can promote coffee in the morning, sandwiches an lunch and dinner platters in the evening.
  • Outdoor EMCs are highly visible, and can pull in new business.
  • Manufacturers point out that the cost of an EMC sign will range from $10-$20 per day—compared to $99 per day to advertise in the Yellow Pages, $250 per day on radio and about $700 a day for newspaper ads. From an ROI perspective, EMCs makes sense.
  • Once the end-user is re-oriented toward the advertising value of EMCs as opposed to the simple purpose of identification, then it’s time to narrow it down and choose the right message center for their needs.
         o   Where the site is located relative to traffic.
         o   How large should the sign be relative to viewing distances
         o   Is monochrome or full color (ie video) the better choice?