The Value of Relationship Selling

The value of building a relationship with your customers is immense. A good customer relationship can become not only a repeat customer, but also a spokespeople for your company. Word of mouth referrals are still one of the best ways to make new sales.

  • Relationship selling is all about building a friendship or relationship with your prospects and listening to their needs. 
  • Once a relationship is built, you can come in with a low-pressure, open, and honest approach and win business more easily. 
  • React quickly if the customer has a problem. Then, when your competitors call, he will quickly tell them his happy with his current vendor (you)—even if your competitors are offering a better price. 
  • Most people react negatively to high pressure sales. 
  • In relationship selling, high pressure is not typically part of the equation. 
  • In relationship selling, you become a form of support for your clients. Your services or products become something they depend on. 
  • The more you can fulfill their needs and make their jobs easier, the better they will respond to additional sales offers. 
  • Relationship selling benefits companies that offer products in highly competitive markets—particularly if there isn't a lot of difference between products.