The Value of Thank You Notes

It’s always beneficial to say thank you when you’ve completed a sale. Acknowledging the client with a personal comment (after they’ve spend their hard-earned money on your product or service) leaves a human touch on every transaction. Even more powerful, however, is a personalized, physical thank-you note—especially following a large transaction.

Think about it. When was the last time you received a handwritten card from someone that you recently did business with? Most likely you can’t remember because it’s been so long. However, it feels good to get a little note like that, and clients who feel good about doing business with you are more likely to do so again. It’s a great way to build stronger personal relationships with your clients. Here are some quick tips to show some love to your customers or clients:

  • Be Timely — Send a personal thank you note in the mail within seven days of receiving business from a customer or client.
  • Make it Nice — Don’t send a plain corporate card. Find something personal that represents you or your customer or client.
  • Make it Personal — Don’t just say “Thanks for your business” and sign the card. That’s a waste of time. Write a short personal note thanking them by name and be specific about the product or service they have bought.
  • E-Mail is for Losers — While it’s free and easy to do, an e-mail thank-you will not leave a lasting impression. A good old-fashioned handwritten card is much more effective.
  • Try it for Prospects — It’s a good idea to thank someone for considering doing business with you, even if the contact didn’t result in an immediate sale. The buying process could be long. And if a buyer is thinking about making a purchase, your little note will help him remember you.