Wraps Marketing on a Budget

If you are just getting into the wrap business or are an existing sign shop adding wraps to your product line, you certainly understand by now how much there is to learn. But now that you’re up and running it may be time to start making more of a profit.

 Marketing is the logical next step to get your phone to ring. However, looking for ways to market your business can be challenging if you have limited resources or simply don’t want to spend too much money in marketing. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Wrap The Shop Vehicles — Obviously it’s smart to wrap your company shop vehicles and any personal family vehicles. As long as the budget allows ask friends and family members to also wrap their vehicles. Wrap any employee’s vehicle that will allow you to, starting with your salespeople. If your shop is on a busy street, wrap all your windows with window perf. Wrap desks, tables, refrigerators, walls, floors, etc. — anything inside the office that may spark a customer’s interest. 
  • Update Your Website — Spend some time here because a great website will be the cornerstone of your marketing. All of your e-mails, direct marketing materials, print ads, newsletters, press releases, ads and wraps should feature your domain name to help build traffic. Your website should be clean, easy to navigate, contain the important and relevant information of your company and most importantly showcasing your best work. Be sure your website has a way to gather email addresses so that you can re-market to them later.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) — PPC advertising is a great way to push traffic to your website. PPC lets you create keyword-related ads that will appear higher up on the search engine results. You create your ads, choose your keywords and set a daily budget. 
  • Market to your Clients — The easiest customers to sell to are those that already buy from you. Send them all an e-mail or drop them a note in the mail that leads them to your website where they can learn about your new product line.
  • Testimonials — Ask your good customers to write a testimonial to add value and credibility to your website. Be sure to also ask them for any referrals to others who might be interested in wraps.
  • Network — Social media has made growing a network a snap but nothing beats the good old fashioned and very personal meet-and-greet. The more ways you can network, the more potential you have to meet people and speak about your wrap business.
  • Events — Throw an Open House event. Pound the pavement in your local area inviting business owners to visit the shop. Be sure you have an attractive invitation that lists great reasons to attend your event. During the event be sure you have numerous wraps strategically placed to show off your great work.
  • Hit The Phones — Get on the telephone and make some “cold calls,” no matter how much you may dread it. It’s still by far the most effective and lowest cost way to acquire new wrap customers.