Make a little noise about your business. If you don't who will?
If you do not cultivate your passion, it will corrode. Fight to hang onto it—in your business and in your life.
Consultant and author Steve Clark argues that customers who buy only based on price simply aren't worth your time.
Following these rules will help you stay more orgaanized, which in turn will allow you focus more on selling.
The lessons: Spend time on things that are truly productive, don't be afraid to try new things and embrace failure and learn from it.
Sometimes you have look beneath the service to make sure you hire the right candidate for your shop.
Nothing wrong with borrowing from a good idea to reinforce your own brand.
Working in food service requires multiple skill sets that transfer very well into many other industries. In Jill Konrath's case, it was sales.
Make sure you use your building's exterior to promote your brand and image—it's a good investment of your time.
The lesson of this column: 'What's Fonzie like? That's right. Now go be like Fonzie.'